• Taipei Kuei Shan School

Taipei Kuei Shan School

Taipei, Taiwan

Designed in conjunction with Taipei Kuei Shan School’s new 8-storey school building, the landscape is meant to be a visual and physical extension of the landscape up-and-onto the building. The basis of design was derived not only from the school’s philosophy of integrated learning in the tradition of Montessori, but from the need to extract the maximum amount of landscape space from the already cramped site.

A monumental landscape ramp leads student from the main plaza to the second floor terrace and a soccer field with daylighting down to the school’s main gymnasium at the basement. A working, student-lead terrace farm provides access to the fourth floor terrace hangout– a respite for exam-weary students to relax, or to gather at the main open space to shoot some hoops. A monumental green wall also dominates the southern-facing building façade.

This project is currently being LEED certified for both building and landscape.