• Shi-Shi City
  • Shi-Shi City

Shi-Shi City

Quanzhou, China

Stone Lion City is the first foray into high-end residential development for this fashion and clothing company in China. The development project—both the architecture and landscape— is seen as both literal and poetic interpretations of the Client’s approach to fashion.

Focusing on the internal struggle for balance between the oft chaotic process and textures of fashion design with a contemplative quiet mind, the design poses the landscape as these two emotions:
The Passionate: a chaotic and robust landscape planting, and The Contemplative: a majestic expansive of lawn seen through the framed views of the first floor and overhead balconies.

The large contemplative lawn is surrounded by the knotted, tapestry of planting which dominates the large site. Light-wells penetrating down to the parking garage highlight the edges of the lawn, glowing in the evening like fireflies when viewed from the balconies of the apartments.

One of the most defining elements of the landscape design is a large planted wedge that plunges down into the basement level of the structure and to the adjacent sub-level pool and spa area, providing unique opportunities for light and shadow, while creating a bold sculptural landscape at ground level.