• Neihu Sanitary Landfill Park
  • Neihu Sanitary Landfill Park

Neihu Sanitary Landfill Park

Taipei, Taiwan

Although the Neihu sanitary landfill was capped over fifteen years ago, methane gas fires have sporadically occurred due inadequate capping techniques. Leachate also continues to infiltrate into the adjacent Keelung river causing both water and air pollution. The Taipei City government initiated a clean up effort in 2006 and has proposed to re-imagine the landfill as a community park. Our proposal uses a series of bio-retention ponds to solve the leachate and surface run-off problem with three stages of water cleansing to help maximize these efforts.

A small structure housing a methane gas extraction system sits atop the landfill with an opportunity for users to examine the process in action. A pathway up to the structure also allows people to experience the bio-retention ponds from such a vantage point as to appreciate the different stages of water cleansing from an aerial perspective.

Pedestrian circulation also slices through the bio-retention ponds, and leads users to an old bridge pier, acting as the focal point for an elevated walkway bridge that extends out over the Keelung River for extraordinary views of the entire area.