• Chingtan Park Bridge
  • Chingtan Park Bridge

Chingtan Park Bridge

Zhongli City, Taiwan

Chingtan park is a small community park in the Zhongli Ching-Pu district, and is adjacent to the Taoyuan High Speed Rail and MRT station. After the adoption of the district master plan, housing and commercial development began in earnest. Due to its location in the district, Chingtan park was identified as an important junction point within this urban context.

Chingtan park is well known for the successful rehabilitation of one of the most indigenous endangered wetland plants- Nuphar shimadae Hayata. The root structure of this plant, with its rootlets extending beyond the main structure with a kind of graphic, structural cadence, was used as impetus for the bridge structure. Bridge piers laid out as pairs of scissors beneath the bridge structure slowly lean to produce an effortless cantilever and directly reflect the root structure of the Nuphar plant.

The two intertwined bridges (one low, one high) allow people to experience the wetland ecology in this park view or to view the entire area as they rise high above the pond.