• Chinese Embassy

Chinese Embassy

Washington, DC

Situated on an 11,000 square-meter site in Northwest Washington, DC, the new Chancery Building for the People’s Republic of China uses a contemporary interpretation of traditional Chinese architectural design principles as a basis for design. The new Chancery Building derives its design cues from the immediate context and character of the International Center and a desire to respect and blend with the scale and texture of the neighboring buildings.

The landscape concept follows the concepts set forth by architect, I.M.Pei; which was to present traditional Chinese ideas placed in a uniquely contemporary context. A private, sunken, terrace garden acts as a viewing garden on the East side of the building. A decidedly Chinese palette of plant materials were used to showcase the rich horticultural history of China, while also softening the strong geometrical lines of the architecture. A roof garden was designed with the Chinese symbol ‘diamond window’ as a focal point to the space. SuZhou stones with a minimal plant palette were used to create a modernist interpretation on a traditional contemplative garden.