Skye Lounge: Happy Hour Lecture

The Skye Lounge invited Ting Tseng Shen, winner of the 2016 X-Site competition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, to present his winning concepts.
Link: Ting Tseng Shen

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CASA Ming development under construction, Shishi City, China


James Van Sweden

Landscape Architects Question New Gehry-led Los Angeles River Masterplan

Please spare California this proposal! Apparently, Gehry didn’t learn anything from the Eisenhower Memorial debacle in DC.

link to article from ASLA’s Dirt Blog:

SKYE Wins the 2013 National Construction Excellence Award for the Wei Wu Ying Bridge in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Tianhe Park Concept Model

At the office in Taipei-


Songshan MRT Opens

Now it’s easier to visit us in Taipei!  The public art piece at the station is very intriguing- Quite possibly the only decent public art piece in Taipei!


SKYE Developing Tianhe Park- Part of Taipei’s 2016 World Design Capital Bid

/Users/skye2/Dropbox/SKYE/01_Projects/SK1305-Design City/01_AutoCad/02_SD/SK1305-BASE.dwg

Construction Techniques in China (or the lack thereof)

Great article in Architect Magazine about the poor execution of design work throughout China- including big names, not just the little guys.