US National Park Service Celebrates 100 Years

Let’s all thank President Theodore Roosevelt, and well as the vision of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted and his son in shepherding the concept of the preservation of the natural environment as far back as 1865.

Frederick Law Olmsted & the NPS
The National Park Service

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Photo Credit: National Park Service

Public Art and the Privatization of Parks

New York Has Solved the Problem of Public Art. But at What Cost?

This is a great article about public art in New York City, as well as a discussion on privately funded parks- a trend that seems to parallel the widening gap between the classes and big money in politics.

This quote from the article is especially à propos to that discussion:
“…as Jason Farago put it in the New Yorker, “A privately funded fantasia in a city whose public infrastructure is crumbling.”

A Moment of Silence for the Thin White Duke

Because all of art and design is interrelated, we pay respect to the genius that is, and always will be, David Bowie.

David Bowie: 1947-2016

Happy 2016 from SKYE 天隅!

Stone Lion- Construction

Granite entry fountain under construction…


Ching Shin Elementary School Roof Garden- Construction Underway

2015-03-02 15.46.00
2015-03-02 15.39.13

SKYE wins competition to design two parks for Taipei’s World Design Capital

SKYE collaborated with Phototroph Engineering Consultants in Taipei for this winning entry.

COP21 Agreement

…It’s a start. 
NY Times- Climate Accord

SKYE wins competition for the masterplan of Nangang Park in Taipei