SKYE is a small collaborative studio that operates offices in Washington, DC and Taipei, Taiwan focusing on landscape architecture, master planning, and anything else that allows us to be creative. Our work embraces a collaborative spirit, and this approach allows us to work with other like-minded designers and artists from across the world.

Our approach to design is to fuse environmentally sustainable practices with the sophistication of great design. We recognize the responsibility and importance of creating sustainable spaces, but believe that great design first impacts people in contemplative and sometimes ethereal ways. And while not always a quantitative component, we place the poetry of our work at the forefront of our philosophy.

We strive to harmonize the built and natural environments in unique ways; from large-scale master planning projects and environmentally progressive public parks to detailed gardens and furniture. We draw on over twenty years of award-winning experience to provide a commitment for environmental stewardship and historical precedence, while aspiring to illuminate the lives of people through meaningful spaces.

SKYE employs LEED-certified staff and licensed landscape architects accredited through the American Society of Landscape Architects in the United States.